Kuranui College


Kuranui College is a coeducational secondary school located in the historic town of Greytown in the Wairarapa region of the North Island.  An hour by rail or road from the capital city, Wellington and in the shadow of the Tararua Mountain Range the college is the only provider of secondary education in the area. Its 520 students come from the towns of Greytown, Martinborough, Featherston and Carterton and from the many farms and vineyards of the region.

Kuranui College always has international students from all over the world studying from between one term to one year. In recent years we have had students from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Canada, France and Japan. All of these students are made very welcome by our very friendly college and make lifelong friends.

Zuzana from Slovakia said this about her time at Kuranui. “Even though Kuranui is not a huge school it has got great facilities and amazing possibilities for every kind of student. The teachers push us to do our best and to aim for excellence. I didn’t want to leave.”

Tonje from Norway said, “Kuranui teachers really care. They make you feel safe and this is important when you are so far from home. I just loved it there and didn’t want to leave. The big difference to my school in Norway is that the teachers at Kuranui are much more approachable.”

Maho from Japan said, “My Japanese school is five stories tall and is in a big city. It doesn’t have grass. I could see mountains from Kuranui. I miss the outdoors, I miss the teachers and I miss the big sky.”

Kuranui is a college that is not afraid to try something new and innovative. The college offers a comprehensive curriculum as well as a diverse range of courses including outdoor education, aviation studies, digital photography, sports studies, dance, drama, circus skills and earth & space science.

Students at the college are able to participate in a wide range of summer and winter sports as well as an extensive range of cultural activities.

Academic achievement is the priority at the Kuranui and both students and staff are encouraged to be the best they can be in everything that they do.

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In addition to a wide range of National Certificate of Education courses (see our Senior Subject Selection Handbook in the International Student section of our web site http://kuranuicollege.school.nz ) Kuranui College is unique in offering both Aviation Studies and Outdoor Education.

  1. Aviation Studies. Students study toward the National Certificate in Aviation Studies level 2. The course involves general avionics, meteorology and the history of aviation. Students also undertake flight training in glider aircraft at the Gliding Wairarapa airfield only minutes from the college. For minimal cost students are able to attain their solo glider pilot rating.
  2. Outdoor Education. Outdoor Education is taught at the Kuranui Outdoor Academy Waiohine Centre a few minutes’ drive from the college on the edge of the wilderness of the Tararua Forest Park.

Students can choose to undertake all or only some of the Academy courses which are offered throughout the year. All courses earn students NCEA credits.
International students can ask to go on courses at any level.

Academy courses are as follows:

Level 1

Caving – (2 days) One day theory and one day practical in a cave system close to the college.
Rock Climbing – (2 days) One day theory and practice on the college climbing wall and one day practical at the Titahi Bay cliffs near Wellington.
Mountain Biking – (4 days) One day of theory and practice and three days of riding trails at various locations in the Tararua Forest Park. Students use the college’s mountain bikes.
Abseiling – (3 days) Training and practical at the Academy Centre. All equipment provided.
Rafting – (1 day) Rafting in grade 2 rapids on the Waiohine river near the Academy centre.
Tramping and Camping – (6 days in total) On three different trips students will tramp (hike) on three different trails in the Tararua Forest Park for two days. They will learn bushcraft, outdoor cooking and survival skills.

Level 2

Beach Safety – (2 days) At a two day camp at a local surf beach students will learn about rip tides, currents and swimming safety. They will also learn to surf.
Rock Climbing and Abseiling – (5 days) Students will undertake one day of theory and four days of rock climbing and abseiling at the Waiohine Gorge and the Titahi Bay cliffs site.
Kayaking – (3 days) Students will learn paddle strokes, wet exits, rolling and practice these techniques in grade 2 rapids in the Waiohine River Gorge.
Navigation – (3 days) Students will learn compass and map reading and forest navigation techniques in the Tararua Forest Park.
Rafting – (1 day) Students will raft the Waiohine River Gorge rapids. All safety equipment provided.
Tramping and Camping – (7 days in total) Students will tramp (hike) on three different journeys in the Tararua Forest Park. They will camp in tents or in Department of Conservation lodges and they will cook all of their own meals.
Snow Caving and Ice Axe – ( 4 days) Students will travel to the centre of the North Island to the Tongariro National Park. They will learn to build a snow cave and learn ice axe techniques as they climb the volcanic mountains.

Level 3

Bush Survival – (4 days) Students will learn bush survival techniques. This involves building simple shelters, making animal traps and cooking on an open fire.
Dive/Snorkel (hunter gatherer) – (3 days) Students will learn to use a snorkel, mask and fins to dive on reefs around the local coast. They will learn to gather shell fish and possibly to catch fish with a spear gun.
Kayaking – (4 days) Students will learn advanced kayaking skills in rapids on the Waiohine River.
High and Low Ropes – (3 days) Students will spend two days learning to use the many challenges of a local high and low rope course. Students will then instruct and supervise a group of primary school students on the same course.
Rafting – (1day) Students will raft the Waiohine River Gorge
Tramping and Camping – (3 days) Students will undertake an intermediate level hike. They will camp in tents or lodges and cook all of their own meals.
Tongariro Crossing – (3 days) Students will travel to the Tongariro National Park and undertake the very popular crossing of the active volcano, Mount Tongariro.
River Crossing – (3 days) Students will learn to how to assess the flow of a river and how to cross rivers in safety.
Fishing – (3 days) Students will learn to cast a fly or spinning rod and learn the art of trout fishing in local rivers and lakes.

International Student “Experiences”

Each year international students at Kuranui College are offered a range of local and national “experiences.”
These include: day trips to sheep, dairy and deer farms and vineyards close to the college;  trips to the capital city, Wellington, to visit a range of cultural and tourist destinations; trips to popular local places of interest and at least one trip to another region in New Zealand. In 2011 for example students spent three days in Taupo and Rotorua experiencing these cities many natural and cultural attractions.

College trips and Activities

Throughout the year a range of trips are organised for specific subjects. When there is space available international students are encouraged to undertake some of these trips. They include: A week long History trip to The Bay of Islands and the far North; A five day Geography trip to the Tongariro National park and Rotorua geothermal areas.
International students are encouraged to join the many sport and cultural activities offered by the college.
A wide range of summer and winter sports are played and theatre and music are very popular.

In September each year senior students organise a formal ball and international students are encouraged to attend this very enjoyable evening.

International Student Fees 2012/13

The Fees for international students are listed below but may be subject to change.
Visit the college web site http://kuranuicollege.school.nz for the most up to date fee schedule.

Tuition fee

One term $5,400.00
Two terms $8,100.00
Three terms $10,800.00
One year $13,500.00

Tuition fees include

  • Up to 12 hours of ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) per week if required.
  • Course fees except for Outdoor Education
  • All equipment required in normal classroom activities.
  • Goods and Services tax of 15%

Tuition fees do not include

  • Sports clothing or equipment
  • Music instrument hire
  • Social activities (eg the Senior Ball)
  • Personal stationery
  • Outdoor Education trips and activities.
  • NZQA examination entry fees

Homestay fee

Per week: $230.00

NZQA Examination entry fees

If applicable: $375.00

Trips, camps and Activities

Students are required to pay for these from their own money before they occur.


International students need to organise and pay for personal insurance for the full period of their travel and stay in New Zealand before they leave their home country.