Golden Bay High School

Our School Crest
Represents the visit of Abel Janzoon Tasman to Golden Bay on 19th December 1642.

 Our Motto:
Ake Ake Kia Kaha.  Forever and ever be strong.

Our Vision:
A modern learning environment in which students encouraged to explore, create, challenge and lead.

Our Mission:
To educate and engage our students with varied, high quality learning programmes and providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and personal resources needed to lead satisfying, balanced and responsible lives.

Our Values:
To have the courage to aim high and the resilience to keep trying, to respect and show concern for others and for our environment, and to work together for the benefit of all.

Our School Colours:
Our gold and green colours celebrate our abundance of sunshine, bush and pasture in Golden Bay. 

Golden Bay High School, is a state co-educational Year 7-13 school, situated in Takaka township in Golden Bay.  The school serves the Takaka valley and the coastal area from Wainui to Onekaka, thus requiring 60-75% of students to travel to school by bus.  The school draws its roll from three contributing primary schools and has a roll of 350.  Thirteen percent of students identify themselves as Maori and the school has a close working relationship with the Onetahua Marae.  There are also many students whose parents are recent European immigrants.

Our school’s aim is to continually develop programmes that recognise the interests and abilities of all students and encourage them to reach their full potential and to maintain a life-long interest in learning.  Staff expectations for success are high for all students, and academic results in external examinations and competitions are very good.  The relationship between staff and students is friendly and positive.  It is based on high expectations of student behaviour and a commitment to non-violence in accordance with our commitment as a UNESCO school.

Our Courses

The school offers a wide ranging curriculum, including Maori. Speciality areas include Aquaculture; Outdoor Education; Hospitality; Visual and Performing Arts; Building and Construction and Mechanical Engineering. The school is an EnviroSchool and engages in sustainable practices and projects, like Project Janzoon. These programmes reflect the characteristics and values of our local community.

General curriculum and subject options

Click here to view a copy of the Junior Curriculum Handbook.

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Tuition Fees

One Term $6200
Two Terms $9300
Three Terms $12400
Four Terms $15500

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