Cromwell College

Cromwell College

Cromwell College has a strong, experienced international programme. You will have an authentic Kiwi experience and we will support you to build friends for life and join in with college and local activities.

Cromwell is located in Central Otago, a premiere New Zealand tourist destination in the South Island of New Zealand. Cromwell boasts an impressive range of sporting venues, most of the six Southern Lakes ski fields are nearby and the residents of Cromwell are relaxed and friendly.

A truly kiwi place we are easily accessible through Queenstown International Airport.  Cromwell offers sailing, kayaking and swimming in Lake Dunstan.  The town is surrounded by mountains with mountain biking, tramping and great scenery.  You will experience the local farms, orchards and vineyards.

Cromwell College is a co-educational state school with 450 students. It is set in attractive grounds including extensive sports fields. On the lakeshore is the Aquatics Centre with a fleet of yachts, kayaks and windsurfers.

Cromwell College Offers:

  • English as a Second Language classes with exam preparation available.
  • Outdoor Leadership classes with weekly activity in kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, tramping, risk management, first aid….There will be extended tramping and kayak expeditions.
  • Outdoor Pursuits Academy for students living at The Apartments with kayaking, navigation, adventure racing, mountain biking, climbing, skiing and tramping. There are extended experiences to Mount Cook and Stewart Island during the year.
  • Experienced and friendly homestays with a New Zealand family.
  • The Apartments has supervised independent flatting with students from around New Zealand as part of the Outdoor Pursuits Academy. Make friends for life!
  • Small classes with experienced teachers who welcome international students.
  • Above the national-average academic results.
  • Modern classrooms
  • A town you will quickly be part of.
  • Experience supporting Abitur and GPA so your academic progress is supported.
  • We will support you to have a full experience of New Zealand life.

Cromwell College offers a range of subjects onsite and also offers study via video-conference in all subject areas.  You can continue your studies and not lose ground when you return home.

We understand the requirements of the education systems in many countries and will support your academic achievements.  Past students have achieved Abitur equivalence at Cromwell College.

Outdoor Education

  • Outdoor Leadership is a course which offers qualifications as well as about 6 hours of activities each week on Thursdays.

Term One:       Flat Water and White Water Kayaking.

Term Two:       Tramping, Mountain Biking and Navigation.

Term Three:     The Snow Programme (Skiing or Snow Boarding).

Term Four:       Tramping, Risk Management.

  • Outdoor Pursuits Academy is available only to students living in The Apartments. The students study during the week at the College in a normal programme. Sunday each week there are outdoor activities that offer qualifications.

Term One:       Mountain biking,navigation, adventure race

Term Two:       Tramping, Mountain biking, climbing.

Term Three:     The Snow Programme (Skiing or Snow Boarding).

Term Four:      

Subject Strengths

  • Art – Painting, photography, sculpture
  • Music and Performance – take part in the Smokefree Rockquest or play with a student orchestra or jazz band.
  • Physical Education – Anatomy, nutrition and designing fitness programmes.
  • Home Economics – Nutrition, designing menus, actually cooking too.
  • Materials Technology – designing and constructing in wood, metal and                                         
  • Graphics and Design – designing houses and other items and drawing your designs either on paper or using CAD.
  • ESOL – Polishing your English language skills in a small class.
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Calculus and Statistics as Mathematics classes.
  • French and Japanese support for Second Language courses.
  • Tourism courses provide qualifications in the tourist industry for New Zealand and Australia.

International students at Cromwell College have the option of living in a homestay arrangement with a local family. Alternatively, they can live in our specialist student hostel, the Cromwell College Apartments and take part in the highly successful Independent Living Programme as well as the Outdoor Pursuits Programme which runs each Sunday and long weekends.

Tuition Fees

One Term $6200
Two Terms $9300
Three Terms $12400
Four Terms $15500

Fees include administration, homestay placement, ID card, school magazine, most airport pickups and uniform if necessary. All educationally related expenses are included in the tuition fees such as class field trips, course materials and workbooks. It does not cover materials fees for specialist subjects such as Photography, Food or Materials Technology or entry fees to NCEA or Distance Learning. Homestay fee: NZ$240 per week

Outdoor Pursuits Academy at the Cromwell College Apartments.

Students in the Outdoor Pursuits Academy can live in our specialist student accommodation, The Cromwell College Apartments. Students from around New Zealand, and the world, live independently but with support and supervision sharing tasks and adventures.  During the week you study a standard academic programme. Each Sunday and every long weekend you take part in the Outdoor Pursuits Programme. This will mean hiking Stewart Island, and perhaps seeing a live kiwi, exploring Mount Cook as well as hiking some of the best tracks of New Zealand.

The Outdoor Pursuits Academy fees cover accommodation at the Cromwell College Apartments, food and all associated costs. During the school holidays students are accommodated in a standard homestay.

Outdoor Pursuits Academy
One term $ 3,975.00
Two terms (includes 2 weeks homestay) $ 7,950.00
Three terms (includes 4 weeks homestay) $ 11,925.00
Four terms (includes 6 weeks homestay) $15,900.00

Outdoor Pursuits expenses cover all costs related to these programmes including instruction/coaching fees, transport and basic gear.

Cromwell College specialises in offering access to outdoor sports skills. The Outdoor Leadership Course offers grades towards your qualifications and teaches skills in: kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, abseiling, rock climbing, risk management and first aid. This timetabled school course has practical sessions every Thursday


Outdoor Leadership Course
Term One: kayaking, mountain biking, leadership, first aid. $ 230.00
Term Two: hiking. Mountain biking, climbing, risk management. $ 230.00
Term Three: Snowsports $ 900.00
Term Four: Mountain biking, risk management $150.00

This fee covers all instruction, transport, and a season lift pass and gear hire.

Insurance: This can be arranged by Cromwell College. The cost varies depending on the length of stay but does cover all dangerous sports carried out with the college courses.